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·          Senao International Co., Ltd. established


·          Radio products business started


·          Awarded RWTUV ISO 9001

·          Digital Long Range Telephone SN-900 won Innovative Design award in CES1999


·          Digital Long Range Telephone SN-920 won Innovative Design award in CES2000


·          Senao International Co., Ltd. went public

·          Successfully launched the world’s first 200mW 802.11b client device 2511CD+


·          Long Range Wireless Local Loop (WLL) SR-436 was the first 2.4 GHz wireless telephone system to obtain China SRRC and CCC certifications

·          Collaborated with Atheros Inc. to successfully develop the world’s first 802.11a+b access point

·          Awarded by Korea Telecom to design and produce WiFi AP and client card


·          SI-680 became the first SIP based WiFi Phone to earn WiFi certification

·          Sears, Roebuck and Co. adapted EP-490 as its company-wide wireless telephone system


·          Radio products group consolidated production facilities and moved into Taoyuan facility

·          WPABX SR-436S became the first 2.4 GHz wireless telephone to obtain Taiwan NCC certification and debuted in the Flora Taiwan Expo 2004

·          SL-2511CB5 and SL-2511HS+ were deployed by Philippine Telecom in Manila city-wide WLAN network


·          Awarded by Skype Ltd. to collaborate on the world's first embedded Skype WiFi Phone

·          Awarded by Thomson Corp. to design and produce SOHO Wireless PBX product


·          Senao International Co. Radio Products Group spun off to become Senao Networks, Inc.

·          Tractor Supply Co. adapted EP-922 as company-wide internal wireless telephone system


·          Awarded by Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) to collaborate on Digital Home Automation project

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