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High Speed Data Rate Up to 54Mbps

Capable of handling heavy data payloads such as MPEG video streaming

High Output Power up to 26 dBm

Excellent output power spreads the operation distance

IEEE 802.11b/g Compliant

Fully Interoperable with IEEE 802.11b/IEEE802.11g compliant devices

Point-to-point, Point-to-multipoint Wireless Connectivity

Let users transfer data between two buildings or multiple buildings

Plug and Play

No driver needed, easy and quick to connect your Ethernet device to Wireless

WPA/WPA2/ IEEE 802.1x support

Powerful data security

Hide SSID (AP Mode)

Avoids unallowable users sharing bandwidth, increases efficiency of the network

DHCP Client/ Server

Simplifies network administration

WDS (Wireless Distributed System)

Make wireless AP and Bridge mode simultaneously as a wireless repeater

MAC address filtering (AP Mode)

Ensures secure network connection

Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE802.3af)

Flexible Access Point locations and cost savings

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