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Dual Radio Multi-Function Repeater
IEEE 802.11a/b/g + 802.11b/g/n

Access Point
Client Bridge
Client Router

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Description Application Features Spec.




-          Dual Radio  Two radio for independent backhaul(a/b/g,Radio1) and local access(b/g/n,Radio2).

-          High Data Rate  High speed physical transmitting rate up to 300Mbps with 11n, support large payload such as MEPG video streaming

-          Multifunction application  Defining each radio configuration for different application

-          Wireless Distributed System (WDS)  Supporting WDS to bridge repeater



-          Public wireless solution  An AP interface that is especially useful in public areas such as hotspots and enterprise

-          Bandwidth Selection  Provides 5MHz/ 10MHz/ 20MHz for 802.11a/b/g and 20MHz/ 40MHz for 802.11n

-          Signal Strength  Display 0%~100% to show the signal condition for more convenient installation and setup.

-          QoS(WMM)  Enhance performance and density



-          802.11i  WPA, WPA2

-          802.1x  EAP-TLS/TTLS, IEEE 802.1x Supplicant support in CB mode

-          MAC address functions  MAC address access control list, MAC address filter

-          Multiple SSID  4 BSSID supported.  Primary(1st) BSSID for normal setting follow this router’s main default setting for security setting. Each SSID can set itself wireless or WAN access setting.



-          Firmware Upgrade  Upgrading firmware via web browser, setting are reserved after upgrade

-          Reset & Backup  Reset to factory default. User can export all setting into a file via WEB

-          MIB  MIB I, MIB II(RFC1213) and private MIB

-          SNMP V1, V2c 

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